This website is dedicated to all those who love singing and want to belt out in London

There are 3 sections:

Karaokes, where people take turns to sing on provided backing tracks, reading the lyrics on a screen. My listing doesn’t include private Karaokes, where you rent a room to sing with friends, but include all the events where people sing in public.

Open mics, where people take turns to sing, play instruments, perform stand-up comedy or poetry. My listing only includes the open mic where people can also sing and not those that are only open to comedy or poetry.

Jam sessions, where musicians that never rehearsed together, join on stage to play a number of songs. That requires a lot of improvisation and that’s one of the reasons jazz jam sessions are so popular.

Karaoke is good for beginners, whereas open mics host more experienced performers. Karaoke nights might have a good vibe, whereas open mics can be more entertaining and it’s a little bit like going to watch a show.

Jam sessions, on the other hand, requires even more experience, as the performers never played together before. The main difference between an open mic and a jam session is that usually in an open mic the performers don’t mix like in a jam. Also, open mics usually don’t provide a drum kit, so most of the time the songs are played with guitars or other small instruments, or with a backing track.

Karaokes are more forgiving, but in an open mic or a jam session, you are expected to interact more with the public. Usually, in a karaoke you cannot bring your own backing tracks, but in an open mic you can bring them on the phone or mp3 player. Just make sure that if you have a backing track on your phone, you put it in flight mode.

Finally, note that some of the open mics can be quite busy and if you just turn up, the waiting time might also be 4 hours. In these cases, I will try to provide information to book in advance.

I hope this website will help you with your singing journey, and belt your heart out!