Open mics with friends, the easy way

Going out to sing it’s fun, but it’s even more fun when you go with friends that enjoy singing like you. But it would be amazing if there was an easy way to organise so many people!

Well, let me tell you: there is a way for you! Forget about endless chats to organise every single night. Imagine if you could just tell your selected contacts where you plan to go next week and they could just join your event in a phone app, where you can easily see who is coming and who is not coming. This app is called Doodle, and here is a primer on how to use it.

First, you have to download it.

Now, open the app and sign up using your Facebook or Gmail account. Once this is done you will be able to create your first event. Just click on the “plus” sign and click on “Find a date”

Follow the wizard and fill in all the fields with the information about the event.

In the end, you will be asked to select your friends to send them a link to see your event and possibly join it.

Now, a scheduled event will appear on the app of both you and your friends.

Everyone can now see the details of the event and join it.

everyone can see who is going and who is not going:

Everyone can add comments to add information or last-minute updates:

This is “singing with friends” made easy. Now, go out and belt it out!